Saturday, October 16, 2004

The fire within to do MBA

Sorry for blogging after such a long time. This last one month has been stressful to say the least. Have been working worser than an army of ants. Late nights, working over the weekends has really left no time for myself. In this process i happened to have completed 2 years in Infosys. Wow what an event! A guy who never was a 'Software Guy' during his Engineering College days is now 2 years old in here. But does he want to be here always? Does he want to fix defects, debug lines of code and argue about requirements not being met?Is life all about Dynamic Link Libraries and Stored Procedures? Where is MBA? Where is the guy who wanted to be a marketing guy when in engineering college? Those presentation skills which raised quiet a few eyebrows some years back, are now lying somewhere over a heap of dust. Wake up deepak. Wake up. You are not gonna end up as one of those guys who always aspired to be an MBA and change his field, but ended up being a mid level manager in a software company. Its only you who knows what you want and take you where you want to be? I give you three options - Wharton, Stanford and ISB. You are gonna be in one of them. Get going. Start studying.

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